iPhone SDK Tutorial - Recording And Playing Back Audio

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  1. Manchester MIDI School

    Thanks Andy, glad that I can be of assistance. There are sooooooo many
    tracks that have these intervals in, too many to list, but hopefully you’ll
    get an ear for them!

  2. Manchester MIDI School

    Hi Ice, It’s called a minor 7th because it’s the 7th degree of the minor
    scale. In western music heptatonic (7 unique tones per octave) is the most
    common form of scale. To work out the notes in a minor scale, take any
    starting note on the keyboard, then you can work out the intervals with the
    formula TSTTSTT – where T=tone, and S=semitone. Semitone is the adjacent
    note, Tone is the next but one. Let me know if you need any help with this!

  3. What exactly is that “String Pad” comprised of? I’ve been dying for a sound
    like that to use for some more melodic pieces.

  4. I can not preview samples in the browser window now matter what the volume
    is on the preview/que volume and my headphones button is blue on the bottom
    of the sample window. Is there something I am doing wrong? thanks.

  5. Apparently, .adg files do not play lol but .aif files do. So here’s a
    question that’s been BURNING in my mind for a week. When I go to
    instruments—>drum rack and I want to preview sounds, all the sounds are
    .adg. So how are you suppose to tell what they sound like w/o actually
    double clicking them and loading them into the interface as that is time

  6. the tune is designed to show as many techniques in as simple a way as
    possible so is inherently its not something that would win any grammys.

  7. i dont have that little blue circle too hear the instument samples , so i
    cant hear what they doo , how do i get it ? XD

  8. @Oezilla Also, at least the ‘lite’ edition (I’m using the Focusrite
    Novation Lite edition) it has limitations as far as number of simultaneous
    clips (six, as I recall), number of simultaneous grooves in the groove pool
    (three) and probably some more limitations. Of course, the official
    resource for all of this would be ableton dot com. Cheers!

  9. I fail to see how any of this makes for a better work flow.. then any other
    DAW ? I see NO numbers in db or % to indicate how loud your levels are ?
    You seem to constantly be jumping in and out of windows. Why do you have to
    push 2 record buttons (arm) just to record something ? Why do you need a
    scene button to start stop different tracks? how is that a better workflow?
    To each his own.

  10. Eu4iaProductions

    Hey just started using ableton yesterday. I have a 3rd party vst open in
    one channel in session view and I’m tryin to make the actual plug in
    visible. How do i do this in Live suite 9?

  11. I’ve only ever recorded in “arrangement view” using pro tools so vertical
    loop “slots” are quite bizarre to me – but your video really helped me
    understand just what’s going on. thanks, Mary

  12. i love Ableton, especially after learning some of the ins and outs of the
    Session View, it really increases your workflow alot when you learn how to
    use the Session View, after tryna figure out which program works the best
    for me i def have to say Ableton bcuz of the endless possibilities and
    increased workflow, i dont sit on my computer for hrs tryna figure out how
    im gonna do variations and how and i gonna put an instrumental together ne

  13. i have a question i have always used reason and in reason u cant make a
    drum loop and add it to the track like nothing..i was wondering how to do
    that in ableton?? like an add to to track option or something?

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