I V VI IV - 4 Chord Song Harmony/Songwriting Tutorial

A Tutorial on the harmonic workings of the I V vi IV chord progression. This major key chord progression is abundant in 20th and 21st centuries pop and rock …
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The Songwriter Station is a series of tutorials on the art of songwriting. The series is written and presented by the UK based published contemporary compose…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  1. Brilliant stuff mate, really really good bunch of tutorials here. Alot more
    informative then your FutureMusic one (which was still good mind) Picked up
    quite a few nice little tips here plus you’ve helped me understand certain
    aspects such as using a compressor and limiter properly. Before i just used
    to whack on a compressor not really knowing what i was doing, but i totally
    understand what you did with the synth to bring out the attack and make it
    cut through better. Top stuff 🙂

  2. Hi this is Jizzo Bizzo, a Newcomer Dance – Producer from
    Germany.(unsigned!) I really like your music production tutorials. They are
    very good explained and overall very helpful! Keep up the great work,
    DRamirez !

  3. I dont think it sounds bad, I think the problem is the way they recorded
    this and you cant expect the greatest track when he is obviously just
    trying to show some tips and tricks. Im sure if he was just focusing on
    making a good track and not school people it would be different. Good tips

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