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Lucky Munk’s tutorial on how to write a song. Check out more about Lucky Munk and fan them (please!) at
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  1. @matako07 There are probably more technical ways to figure this out, but
    here is the practical way.

    #1 just check to see that none of the mics being used are in reverse
    polarity from each other (that means the manual phase adjuster that flips
    it 180* hasn’t been turned on) (This is usually a symbol which resembles an
    O with a line through it). This can happen many times in mic placement. If
    you are using 2 mics on the snare (Top and Bottom) and they are practically
    facing each other, these could have some full or partial phase
    relationship. Try re-positioning the mics or flipping on the polarity
    switch on purpose because the natural placement has caused phase
    cancellation, so you want the polarity to be reversed.

    #2 try just solo-ing out two channels that you suspect are causing a
    problem, then flip the polarity on one of them and see if the sound gets
    suddenly louder or quieter. That would be a sign you have a polarity issue.

    Again, there are a ton of other things that could play out here but these
    are the two common things that come up in live and in recording.

    +Darrell Wolfe @DarrellWolfe 

  2. Once you’ve recorded -with, lets say, 8 mics (2 kik mics ,2 snare top &
    bottom, hihat, toms) how do you check for the mics that are cancelling …
    How do you compare the wave forms and know which one to adjust?? In other
    words…how do you know Which Mics are cancelling?

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