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Songwriting Tutorial Part 1 by The Songwriter Station

The Songwriter Station is a series of tutorials on the art of songwriting. The series is written and presented by the UK based published contemporary compose…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. That’s odd. I haven’t used win8 a whole lot, per se … I always jump into
    desktop mode. Admittedly, that’s still windows 8, but it has the feel of
    win7 that I prefer. Anyway, I can suggest two things: 1. Try right-clicking
    on the icon in Windows Explorer and run it in compatibility mode with win7,
    and see if that makes a difference. 2. The second is not a suggestion …
    hardware incompatibilities is the other usual problem, and unfortunately
    I’m not familiar enough with the SP to comment.

  2. I’ve tried setting up the compatibility mode to Windows 7 XP and all the
    versions that i could…nothing works…i guess that this is na
    incompability with Audio card…in my desktop pc there is no problem with
    Audition, but this occurs in my Surface Pro… I dont know why…Adobe
    Premiere Pro works very well, Sonar Producer X1 works very well…After
    Effects works very well…but Audition CS6 gives “Audition has stopped
    working”, Audition CS5 Portable works very well, i dont know why CS6 doesnt

  3. Hey, how you can run Audition CS6 on WIndows 8 ? Every time i try to open
    Audition it freezes and apears a window sayng “Audition has stopped
    working”. I’ve tryed everything…like uninstalling and re-installing Adobe
    CS6 Master Collection, updating to the last version….and “Audition has
    stopped working” is always appearing….The computer is a Surface Pro. To
    work with audio i’m using CakewalkSONAR X1 whitout any problem….but
    sometimes i need to use Audition to make a simple edit!

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