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  2. For me the way I’m focusing more is by thinking in the present and looking
    in the present. It’s like a first person video game: skyrim, call of duty,
    etc. it’s helping me a lot by thinking in the present and I’m getting
    better at focusing, plus everything doesn’t seem overwhelming once you
    focus and think in the present.

  3. Ironically, I am using this video as a distraction right now..
    Youtube is my biggest distraction usually.

    I think this video is probably the most important one of your videos for me

  4. I learned the block time method in my PhD program. I still haven’t mastered
    it. I am a work in progress. I started falling asleep during this video. I
    tend to do that many times when I am having to read research or look at
    educational pieces. Where is the video on “how to stay awake to learn”?

  5. This video hit the nail on the head. There is a similar techinque called
    pomodoro technique. There are also alot cool programs and apps that
    impliment this Techique.

  6. I am 20yrs old boy and I am an Engineering student. I can’t focus on my
    studies.Especially,Surveying!Calculations etc.. whenever the lecture
    begins, I Feel like I know all the things already and I don’t have to
    learn. And my mind gets diverted.
    I have a very poor routine,especially study timetable.
    During exams,I see the question papers and I find that its very easy. But I
    cannot even solve 1 mark questions.
    Is there any solutions not to get my mind diverted by any means?

  7. Focus on one task is the hardest thing… while listening to you right
    now… I am doing several things simultaneously… impossible 🙂 and 90
    mins??? how ? can’t even do it for 5 mins… but you are absolutely right.
    Did try that before and you get more things done this way. Will try 30 to
    60 mins – I work from home doing Translation and running my own business
    and it is difficult to not be distracted. Thank you 

  8. Hey Leo, I just wanna know how do ou stay focused for a long term? I have
    to attend an exam 8 months from know for which I will have to study all day
    for 14 hours or so. I think I can do it for maybe 2 weeks at a stretch and
    stay focused. How can I extend it to 7.5 months and still keep at it with

  9. can listening to music while working have a negative effect on focus or can
    it help claim down your subconscious and help you focus more? 

  10. Well Leo the problem with me is that i get distracted by my thoughts while
    i study. So a thought comes up and and i get into it for 5 -10 mins. So how
    to eliminate this.

  11. i cant wait to try these techniques out when school starts. because usually
    when i would go to study i just always get distracted by my phone or i
    would start doing other things. i think it will be really helpful to say.
    ” hey, im not going to do ANYTHING else for the next half hour other than
    my AP biology homework.” it seems like a rather simple concept but i cant
    wait to see if it works. thank you!!!!!!

  12. What’s your opinion listening to music while performing tasks? When I say
    music I’m referring to genres such as ambient, classical, instrumental
    jazz, etc (non-vocal). 

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