This video tutorial shows you another time saving skill to help you be more creative from the minute Cubase is up and running, This tutorial ties in with the…
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Here is a sample video of a clip taken from a session with one of my students who was having difficulty mixing her track so that it sounded clean. Online mus…

  1. @greedyone75 Unless you’ve watch all the videos and just happened to come
    back to this one to ask that question, I suggest you keep watching. The
    fact its called a ‘Pre-Master’ Fader suggests to me that its something that
    he will do towards the very end of the process.

  2. when applying compression (e.g. to vocals) it’s a good idea to keep the
    volume the same as in bypass. when it is louder it may sound better, and
    it’s harder to ‘hear’ the compression effect…

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