in this video tutorial i have described about how can anybody record his/ her Laptop’s or p.c.’s screen with voice . or what type of software should be used …
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  1. What a great producer is D. Ramirez. But Ive got one question, why do
    people create drums in the arrange windows , rather than using Ultrabeat. I
    find that the built-in plugin is very easy to use and saves a lot of time
    and can help you to create creative patterns….

  2. Eligijus Tamosauskas

    It is a bit funny that one of the most “prestigeus” audio engineering
    schools upluoad their tutorials with “dragging audio”… just makes me

  3. Some people just like working with audio as much as possible. I do all my
    drums as audio in the arrange window personally because I like to be able
    to see the transients, I like the flexibility of working with audio and it
    is much more stable than working with midi. It also uses less processing

  4. @greedyone75 pre master fader is channel strip to which all the the other
    channels and groups are routed to. usually wat we do is, make instrument
    channels and route it by default to the master, this kinda holds ur
    creative part when u want to add some fx to the whole track and not just a
    part of it. so u can add all those intended fx into the pre fader that
    sends its output signals to the master fader (the final sound u desire).
    Hope u get it now 🙂

  5. mrfingazgotbeats

    Hello. great job. What screen capture software are you using? and is the
    sound coming from your speakers or from an internal source. Thank you.

  6. Great Videos, some of the best i found on the net. also you seem to be a
    very nice guy 🙂 thx for sharing, much appreciated.

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