writer Jaime Palmucci shares her tips for keeping an organized email system thanks to Google’s SmartFilters and Custom Filtering.
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  1. The other day I was in a doctor’s office waiting room and a woman was
    talking about her daughter who works for a large airline – who had to
    field calls on Christmas Day about luggage not arriving – and the people
    who were upset because they had packed the prime rib in their suitcase and
    now it wouldn’t be there for Christmas dinner. Someone else said she had
    overheard someone talking about how upset they were that the frozen fish
    they had packed in their suitcase had thawed before arriving and they were
    worried that it was ruined. (This goes along with tip #10 in the video!)

  2. BTW I read and usually catch up on my Top Ten Tips printed out and in a
    file folder! So, you are with me everywhere.

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