In which Hank gives some stellar productivity tips so that you can use your time more efficiently, be a more effective person and, also, stop having fun! Co-…
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Productivity tips – Time Management Training and productivity improvement. Here are my top…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. I’m not even a teenager yet, I suck in school, yet somehow my education is
    paying off. I have like, three career options worth while to me, 1. Writer
    for Dreamworks, (My mother decided that I have actual writing skill. And I
    like animated movies,) 2. Cyber Spy for the Military, (My dad told me about
    this, said he can hook me up for a job when I’m 16.) 3. Working and taking
    over my mom’s Wedding Planner business, (This is the lowest option, she is
    a slowly growing to be successful wedding planner/event coordinator, but I
    have nooo love for her business. But it’s a third back up plan.) 

  2. This is extremely helpful 🙂 I watch it every day right before I start my
    homework to focus on what is most important. Thank you so much for making
    this video

  3. IntegrationTraining

    My background was psychology and martial arts, then various kinds of
    training. and yes DM me

  4. The Renegade Leader

    Great tips! Multitasking indeed can make you less productive. It is much
    better to concentrate on one task after another.

  5. Thank you for the tips! I find myself often having a hard time continuing
    projects that I have started on the side. I feel like creating incentive
    for personal goals can be difficult

  6. Mark, I really enjoy your training videos. I’d like to hear more about your
    background and experience. One of my long term goals is to become a life
    coach and I’m always looking for positive influences. Would you be willing
    to set up a quick Skype call? I’m originally from the U.S., but currently
    live in Antalya, Turkey.

  7. IntegrationTraining

    thanks Alexis – a lovely polite comment on Youtube for a change
    -appreciated 🙂 how old are you?

  8. I’m a freshman in high school but I’ve been struggling because I’m taking
    all AP classes and I have OCD. I have compulsions to do everything
    repeatedly and perfectly. This video is specifically helpful because it’s
    so structured and I just try to follow the steps without letting my
    intrusive thoughts get a word in. This video bought me an extra hour or so
    of sleep each night. So really, thanks.

  9. The format was perfect for youtube, running down all of the tips i record
    time! Much more that they’re all effective, and concisely put, which both
    piqued my interest, reminded me a much of what I’ve heard (DBT and other),
    and got me thinking about the topic altogether.

  10. Wow, this is high concentration advice! II hadn’t thought of addressing my
    tasks in batches, and I will try it. Not using my iPhone before 9:00 am and
    after 9:00 pm, – that’s a challenge 🙂

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