In which Hank gives some stellar productivity tips so that you can use your time more efficiently, be a more effective person and, also, stop having fun! Co-…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Productivity tips – Time Management Training and productivity improvement. Here are my top…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. good shit, you got my subscire now. I hope to meet people form rsd soon,
    “all you need to do just focus on make facking money”

  2. structure to create freedom, planning ahead, realistic goals, focus (one
    area at a time), if possible do two things at once, productive work,
    productive rest time, adapt

  3. I love the new “cool x chill” vibe in the video. but IMO you need to be
    more creative in the editing process. You could’ve had the list down at the
    empty left side of the screen to help your viewers remember or jot down
    your points effectively (plus more sensory organs you use in one particular
    task, the more it is likely to be remembered). Just me 2

  4. Charles Gabriel

    Cool tips. The one I find the most useful is listening to audiobooks while
    you work on something else. Saves you a huge amount of time in the long

  5. Babiuc Gheorghe

    Hi Brad,
    Your tips are very simple and useful. Thanks for doing this.
    How did you got to be such a good speaker? Are you reading this
    presentations from a prompter or is it impromptu?
    Any advice on how to become good as you?

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