1. Writing a song really doesn’t take much theory at all. Everybody learns
    differently. The way I do it I don’t worry about scales or any of that. I
    just strum random chords until I think it sounds good then I write lyrics
    to it. It barely takes any theory at all.

  2. you say don’t play this and don’t play that no one ever does. I say
    practice and play every thing that you can. if something is to hard the
    easier it becomes the more you practice and you become unique because you
    took the time to learn these obscure techniques always practice at your

  3. if you know music theory (alot), and tempt to make music for simple ears,
    you can make strong “mindfucks” in songs that make them last for ever!

  4. CureFromLife X.X

    Ive wrote my first song on the guitar and i would love if anyone could
    check it out 😉 (if you go to my channel its a video called “First Sight”)

  5. Great lesson, thank you!
    Can you explain us where/how to find what chords to put together to reach a
    certain “mood”? You talked about “vanilla” progression, what about happy,
    sad, angry… etc?

  6. some interesting points,but if you’d like information on
    i want to learn how to write songs take a look at *Banfan Song Sensation*
    (do a google search)? our mate uses it unbelievable


  7. Deberina Emelander

    This is great help! …. Do You have any videos that teach how to put
    single notes together with chords? …. Can one write a song using only
    chords ? Seems like a silly question …. I actually do listen to a lot
    of different music, but haven’t noticed that aspect …. maybe just haven’t
    paid attention …

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