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  1. Gregory Allen Mansheim

    I just subcribed to this YouTube channel.
    Hold back for 2 weeks and put it out of your mind.
    If you still think it’s awesome…go for it!

  2. Thanks for the tips bro. and the voice note thing…. your a genius!!! 😀
    Why Didn’t I think of that!?! 😀 All blesses to you bro and namaste!

  3. Great Tips.
    Funny though that he talks about getting distracted by the social networks
    and stuff and i’m sitting here watching this video…. ^^

  4. Great tips mate. I find for me the tips on having your logistics in place
    and the tip about giving your tracks some resting time and reviewing them
    after a day or two work the best.
    The tip about having food and drinks(maybe even cigarettes, if you smoke)
    on hand was something I had picked up from one of Rusko’s production
    Though these are some very general tips and not specifically technical,
    they really help you to be comfortable and in the correct state of mind to
    make great music.
    Thanks for sharing Dorincourt :)

  5. This is great, i’d love to see more vlogs like this. I’d also love to see
    one where you could discuss the more technical side of production (EQ,
    Compression, Mastering etc.). That would be really helpful I think. 🙂

  6. Haha during class I’d just randomly and quietly make little voice
    recordings on my phone 😛 I’m sure my classmates thought I was crazy.

  7. Very excited to announce my first video in my new series – Hangout

    The series will be short clips containing all the best bits from the
    hangout lessons I’ve been having with you guys.

    More Hangout Highlights to come on my second channel. Stay tuned!

    See in the description about how to take part in a hangout with me.


  8. dude… that youre helping your fans personal is just…. awesome, really,
    i dont know any other word for this. you are awesome man!

  9. it barely took him seconds to recognize what that dude was playing :O
    hollllyyyyyy shittttttttttt 😡
    Gareth Evans !?? For real bruh ? Amzingggg :O

  10. Please do corpse roads by keaton henson, beautiful song and doesn’t seem
    like it would be too hard either. Alternatively if anyone here knows how to
    play it or has any tabs then please let me know as i cant find anything

  11. sir gareth evans im so glad that you are my teacher for the past three
    years. i really like to play a guitar since i was a kid. but no one teach
    me how to play only you sir. now i can play your arrangements and sungha
    jung arrangements. thank you so much sir gareth i dont how to show my token
    of appreciation to you. thank you sir more power!! 🙂 sorry for my english

  12. What guitar would you recommend a beginner,if possible could you get a link
    thx PS ur videos are amazing and I’ve been watching them for some time and
    you’ve inspired me to play the acoustic guitar

  13. Hey Gareth. Espin Lind did an awesome cover of Hallelujah. I was wondering
    if you could possibly come up with a tutorial for his version? I know
    you’ve got a ton of other requests haha but if you ever get around to it
    that would be great. Thanks for everything!

  14. It would be fantastic of you had time to do a tutorial for Iron and Wine –
    Jesus the Mexican boy! Your lectures have helped me a great deal, keep it
    up! :)

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