CH3CK THE DESCRIPTION: Durr, that was annoying. 43 hours of render-time and I have no idea why. But fuck it, you’ve got a video with me babbling around for h…
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Later I will do a guide on how to make more of a “traditional” bassline. But for now, here is the bassline of “Africa”. SoundSnake is still under heavy devel…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Brilliant!! maashaAllah! May Allah Azza wa Jal take yoy from strength to
    strength. Ameen. This is really beneficial. JazaakAllahu khairan!

  2. thank you so so mch for sharing ,i was badly in need of it…may Allah
    bless you for your good deeds like dis..plz continue your wrk..may Allah
    remove hardship from your group and makes things easy for you ppl..!!!

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