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  1. Terri Saint-Amour

    I’ve been feeling a little bit like I am addicted lately, so this comes at
    the perfect time. I watch it for a lot of educational stuff (like yours)
    and have started cutting back on my subscriptions. But I like the allowance
    idea, because if I have it playing in the background, it is definitely
    distracting from other work I need to get done. Thank you!

  2. You can do the same as Freedom for free.
    Use SelfControl to block everything BUT one website. It has a whitelist or
    blacklist option, which basically reverses the function.
    So if you set it to some stupid webpage that doesnt do anything, you’ve
    essentially blocked your whole internet. And SelfControl is free

  3. Martine Hulsebosch

    You have a new subscriber! 🙂 I try to allow myself 2 hours on my phone
    (Samsung Note 3). But then I found your channel and watched a lot of your
    videos lol. I’m going to bed now haha thank you! Btw, never choose a
    smartphone with a big screen like the Note series. It’s very tempting to
    use it as a portable TV. I will definitely downgrade my phone to a more
    simple one when this one ends. 

  4. Good tips, something that I did was to unsubscribe from all the channels
    with videos that I don’t want to see (or of little value), I also changed
    to start getting email notifications with new videos from the most
    important channels that I want to watch and only check them in stead of all
    the videos in the subscriptions feed. But still I find my self spending
    more hours on YouTube than I would like to.

  5. This was so useful! I cut down my youtube subscriptions a lot but I find
    myself watching every time I feel a bit bored or restless. Definitely
    deleting the app on my phone because I always find myself watching before I
    go to bed which is really bad

  6. Thank you, this is very helpful advice. From the moment I wake up I am on
    YouTube watching *usually* educational videos (such as your channel, and a
    lot of vegan ones). This has been great as I have learned so much from
    watching video after video as I get ready in the morning for school. The
    problem is that because my attention is divided, it takes me hours to get
    ready in the morning. I definitely plan to limit my YouTube access
    immediately now that I realize it isn’t serving me in the way I want it to.

  7. can you please do a video on your favourite books? I’m looking for some
    educational and inspirational reads :)

  8. I’m totally addicted to YT and insta, but so much better now that I quit
    facey and don’t reddit anymore. However, I think a lot of my motivation has
    to do with carbing up. I haven’t had enough carbs lately and it’s had a
    HUGE effect on me. I just don’t have enough ripe nanas and other fruit at
    home. I’m not into dates or persimmons. Mangos and peaches aren’t in
    season, so my calories have suffered.

  9. I loaned my computer to my houseplants. they listen to those youtube
    classical music mixes all day, so I end up doing other things — reading a
    book or spending more time outdoors. I want to see how music effects plant
    growth. So far they seem to be thriving. I’d rather be outside as much as
    possible anyway. I was addicted to youtube and it wasn’t good.

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