The solution is at the tip of your finger. Watch email productivity expert Marsha Egan’s Inbox Detox Video Minute to guide you through when to email and when…

  1. You know my favorite iPhone hack? Chucking that piece of outdated shit in
    the garbage and getting a real phone that you can do actual work on, such
    as an Android.

  2. iPhone needs the swipe method as a way to type on their keyboard. That’s
    the only thing I miss about my android.

  3. aide Rodriguez


  4. theodore moostash

    Or you can jailbreak your ios device and get some real fucking hacks some
    of which can be productive to!

  5. secret hack, buzzfeed titled it “6 iphone” just to go in search results
    when searching for iphone 6.

  6. please no more “not everyone has an iphone!” or “android is better!”
    comments. if you don’t have an iphone, i can only assume you came to this
    video just to comment that. buzzfeed isn’t going to do a video for every
    brand of phone in the world, the iphone is just popular. 

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