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  1. The problem im having is getting real clarity and presence from my guitar
    riffs through FL Studio. Im a complete noob when it comes to DAW’s and
    EQ’ing tracks, I am a guitar player and thats all, anybody know any tricks?
    I bought the T-racks VST/Addon for FL Studio, apparently this can really
    brighten and present your guitar tracks, anybody know how I can best do
    this? Ill be adding it over the top of some rather noobish made drum tracks
    via ezdrummer and emulated bass tracks using Amplitube 3 Ampeg so I only
    really want to focus the guitar tracks, the rest of the instruments are
    just to hold down the beat/timing as I dont play drums and bass so cannot
    really get creative with those instruments.

  2. GabrielTheGuitarist

    This is kind of a generic slow head bang rhythm….got any lessons as how
    to write more like Trivium or As I Lay Dying? I need tips on more modern

  3. so when your making a full down stroke, do you leave out the E and just hit
    A,D,G? Or you hit the E to?

  4. I don’t know if you have or not because this is the first video of yours I
    saw can you make a video of how to write metal solos? Or commonly used
    metal solos?

  5. It’s crazy how different your professional style of songwriting is from
    mine; i never plan out chords, i just play guitar until it sounds pretty
    and then i go over it with rhythm guitar, solos, drums, etc.

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