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IMPORTANT READ DESCRIPTION* When it asks you for a key just click next. It is asking for a key for one of the Pro versions, but that costs money. So, if you…

  1. Hi.
    I am new to adobe effects and audition, so maybe I am wrong with what I say.
    I have a 3d video (no sound) and I want to put a sound on it. (Precisely I
    must put a mix of 3 sound tracks).
    So my problem is that from Adobe effects, I cant edit to Audition. (the
    button is grey because the video doesnt have sound) and from Audition I
    cant import the video file in order to syncronise the sounds on it.
    What can I do? Can anybody help?
    Thank you.

  2. Hey Psynaps
    Great video, I’ve checked out your video about live effects for streaming
    previously (can’t find it now)
    Do you know if it’s possible to remove keyboard presses and mouse clicks

  3. Andy Engelkemier

    Why so much reverb here? I could barely listen to it. There’s music going
    on in the background, and it sounds like your recording in a sewer pipe.
    That being said, there is quite a bit of good information. And thanks for
    not going incredibly slow like so many videos do. Cut back on the reverb

  4. Gisela Echeverria

    Congrats on your tutorial.. It’s very good. It has a whole lot of important
    information. A bit to fast, though! Good thing it can be re-palyed!.
    Anyway… I need some help and I hope you can assist me. I work with AA CS6
    for my audio editing & Cleaning. I need some advise on how to sync an NEW
    audio (in a different language) to a VIDEO. The original audio (in English)
    of the video has to be ‘overdubbed’… substituted by the new audio. Can
    you please advise me on the best (and easiest) way to do this? Must I
    download the video editor? (AAE CS5.5)?
    Thank you!


  6. 25dB boost on bass frequencies are emphasizing a bit?!?! are you serious!??
    This is crap!!
    you make editing on processing without listening?!?
    random editing!
    well…i have no words!

  7. Happee Go'Luckey

    About to get back into recording voice-over audio for my lil’ cartoon,
    A.M.B.S. I just purchased this mic from Amazon. The Zoom H1 had some
    awesome reviews and I hope it performs as good as consumers say. I was
    using a Logitech USB mic and the sound clarity was crappy and slightly

  8. How do you save a video and audio together? What I mean is I recorded a
    cover song, and recorded myself singing the cover song, then I edited out
    the video’s sound, and put my recorded cover behind the video, my only
    problem is, how do I save it all together, so Windows will recognize it as
    a video.


  9. When I used your noise reduction preset, the noise became a more prevalent
    metallic ringing on my audio. Not sure what the deal is there.

  10. Hey man there is one other effect that is great for popping sounds and can
    also help out smoothing out the sound after recording, specially if your
    voice is not as full or you are new to voice overing and that is the FTT
    filter. I found that in my latest recordings If i apply this to the peaks
    before going in and putting any other effects it gives it a really nice
    touch. Also maybe because of my tone if I go and do it again to the whole
    comp right before doing the noise reduction it will give me an even better
    result. Just wanted to give you my 2 cents 😀 This guide was awesome like
    the others, really looking forward to using more of the stuff I learned
    here in my vids. Keep it up man, much love!

  11. Thanks so much, I’ve got the best results with this tutorial. Now I just
    need to learn how to best set up my recording devices!

  12. EXCELLENT thank you. I was looking for exactly this a couple of years ago,
    but there was nothing. Today, there are a quite few offering, but this is
    by far the best. The pace and pitch is high with no tedious time wasting
    waffle. Although there is a lot of learning in this video, it can be done
    at each learner’s own pace. Fantastic my friend. My reason for being here
    is to create educational videos clips for use in school classrooms, adding
    variety of delivery. Off to try this now – thank you!

  13. You got the right equipment and software, do a side-by-side test. It would
    make a good youtube vid too for others with that equipment.

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