A five minute demonstration video showing the content of our recent Remixing DVD release. Written and narrated by Rick Snoman (author of the best selling Dan…

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. SubBass Academy Of Electronic Music

    sure will love it, its a great course, had some amazing student feedback on
    this one

  2. Can i make a bassline ( more look like this music- Chus e ceballos feat
    cevin fisher.(manuel del mare remix)- minute 1:00

  3. It’s more likely the same with FL studio, good tutorial though very
    precise. Aside from this software, I can recommend Song Surgeon for you
    guys. :)

  4. im searching your website for two days now – where is the demo you are
    using located??? ive got the sample pack but thats it

  5. Get My Home Now losangelesresidence.com/estate

    NICE very in depth and precise.. Great production tutorial very helpful 

  6. bajadofranzmarkdags

    Why is it that every time i click play (the triangle sign) the track loads
    first before it plays, how do i adjust it. I need it for some crucial “Snap
    Play” cues. But it loads first before it plays. Please help Thanks.. and
    God Bless :))

  7. Jeff Schitzman

    I like the new T2.7b Andriod you used to teach us this time. I can tell you
    upgraded his expression chips.

  8. A set of five tutorials for learning Ableton Live Intro, which is an
    excellent way to get started with computer music production. Enjoy.

  9. I use fl studio on a professional (skill level)… I just recently got
    ableton because I heard it is better for creativity. I’m curious what is
    the learning curve like?

  10. @zipproductionz Yeaaah i saw that too 😀 , i wanna learn now about the
    rewire thing between Fl studio and ableton , maybe it’ll be useful

  11. @zipproductionz Yes Rewire Fl studio with Ableton ( I think Sharing Vsts
    …) But i dont know how exactly that Works , So i’m about to discover

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