While in LA D. Ramirez filmed a 6 part Masterclass Production Tutorial Video at Icon Collective. In the videos D. Ramirez takes you through the whole process…
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  1. I like the beat, the problem is that its perceived loudness. you don’t need
    to make it loud in ableton so why make it loud, we have volume control to
    make it loud if we need/want it loud

  2. Lol, u have to buy the samples, it does come with other stuff but a
    complete rip off. These videos are just ads. :/

  3. hi
    can anyone help me i just bought launch pad s and i dont know where to get
    the program that is in this video!. also i didnt get cd for the program???
    HELP PLZZ link if possiable>..

  4. I’ve learned more in the first two minutes of this video than any other
    video I’ve seen on youtube. Thank you!

  5. Hi thank you for the tutorial video. I’ve got Ableton Live 9 from Scarlett
    2i2 and I Don’t have access to User Library and Samples could it be because
    it’s a free copy and I have to purchase the full version?

  6. Please take 2 sec of your time to go on my wall and hear my first music
    made with Ableton !!

    Thanks everyone !

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, i’ve made the switch from Fl Studio ( finally ). I
    didn’t know where to go to start. I like the tip with the clap/snare makes
    them more defined. Which tutorial of yours explains about adding external
    plugins? I know i should just read the manual, but with tutorials i find
    you pick up experience tips

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