Cubase SX 3 Tutorial – Lesson 09: First Audio Recording – For More free Videos Please Visit
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  1. love this idea too. you could also make your rack like you did, then create
    an audio track and set the input to the instruments rack you created, then
    just record an audio clip of you freestyling ideas live. once your done you
    would have an audio clip of those ideas, without having to take the step to
    drag out of looper. just and idea that may help speed up the workflow. less
    steps, same results is always a good thing! once again… great creative

  2. joseph aguilar

    A! That sound is great man were those built in presets like did they come
    with live , or did you get them online ? Coo video cant wait to try exactly
    this tomorrow , good shit i still need to learn the looper user face , good
    shit !

  3. Ableton Tutorials & Music SoftwareTraining Blog

    You actually can single them out. Simply record one pass Go to Looper where
    it says “drag me” Drag it into a new audio track & play the clip. Hit Clear
    on Looper Start recording a new Loop Repeat for each pass It seems like a
    lot of steps but it works very fast. I did this on my other Looper video to
    great results.

  4. nice idea! it’s sad that the instruments are not single, maybe I just try
    to loop a section in the arrangement view, put every instrument on a
    different miditrack and play around there so i can single them out or edit
    them later…

  5. I couldn’t find that video on your channel, could you post a link for it?
    Thanks! keep up with the good work!

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