In this chapter you will learn how to record audio and do some basic audio editing.

  1. I want to know: is their any eisyer way to record audio, my HDPVR 2 gaming
    edition has that feiture but it doesn’t work trust me I tried on a video 6
    times and it didn’t work

  2. what software do you use to view video from your camcorder?? is this the
    same software you are showing in this video

  3. @XWILLX01 We run our Mini DV to a TV and we view our hard disk footage on
    the windows media player. This is different software.

  4. thanks for the info mike, you make it sound simple, I may have to watch it
    a few times…. I got an evp on a portable digital, at a cemetary of
    someone I knew, I would like to know how to load in on my computer thanks

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