In this chapter you will learn how to record audio and do some basic audio editing.

  1. I have the same problem. I was told to press the “stop” button multiple
    times, and it should play back. But it’s not working. So then I tried
    pressing the “transport play” button, and the bar moves across my
    recording, but I can’t hear anything at all. :/

  2. Hey i need some help if i want to connect a guitar to the cubase, what is
    the name of the item that connects the two? also how do I record Drums? do
    I just have to use the keyboard and put the effect to drums?>

  3. I use cubase LE with a “tc electronic konnekt 8”, but when I record,
    there’s no sound from the computer, and when I play the recording, it makes
    no sound. My speakers are connected to the computer instead of directly to
    the audiocard, is that the problem?

  4. @lolitafantasy Yea! The better your Mic the better your voice sounds. Any
    Mic is better then you computer mic. For Pod casting and stuff I would look
    in to a condenser microphone. For other stuff like singing, Rap, Hiphop,
    Metal if your good you might want a large diaphragm condenser microphone

  5. i would like to know how to get my sounds out i can record of my microphone
    i see it but when i press play the sound doesnt come out

  6. i just installed this program and i have not even figured out how in the
    hell to add the karaoke audio track that i want to record my voice onto,…

  7. Hey i got some problem with CUBASE When i try to record or actually just
    open up a new track the little button isnt red and when i click on it it
    doesn´t hold it red i have to let the left mouse button pushed on it to let
    it red ..anyone?

  8. I can’t get to record on this shit, can somebody help me? I can see the
    instrument playing and the sound coming into the computer at bottom portion
    of the software, in this case (right above the “e” of village logo) but at
    the actual audio track on top, is where I don’t see the sound coming in (a
    bit to the right of where we turn on/ off the monitor buttom) CAN SOMEBODY

  9. Um when i record mine picks up the sound of everything else around, i dont
    get it,my guitar is pluged-in and isnt it only suppose to pick up my
    guitars sound? and if i want distortion, I need to plug in a Distortion

  10. @casperthegoat Cubase is used mainly for recording instruments, but you can
    download vst plugins that give you the option to use premade sounds

  11. how do u record soft synths like nexus?without bouncing the midi file? (i
    mean on the fly recording in realtime ?) i have the kontrol 1 interface

  12. @casperthegoat I’m pretty sure you have strictly zero idea of what you’re
    talking about. FL fanboy geek up in the place. Warning.

  13. Look Here, i record with my microphone (from the sound in the air) but i
    have my guitar plugged in too, and it works in windows, but how do chose it
    instead of my Microphone in Cubase (cubase sx3) Thanks!!!

  14. I am looking in to cubase aswell… But i think i know what your doing..
    You need to use headphones while you record or your mic will pick up the
    audio from your first track that is playing while you record. Hope that

  15. im tryin to use cuebase to record my cdj’s. its all good except theres some
    latency. the sound comes out my headphones before the speakers making it
    impossable to mix. any idea’s on how i can stop this happening anyone???

  16. @StevenMovieMaker7 yea i had same problem, i bought an interface and i got
    much better sound and no lag. i got one for about $99.99 CAD dollars and
    worked perfectly.

  17. @BasSOAD Hey man, i had the same problem. Once you finish recording your
    track, make sure the monitor and record buttons are turned off. That’s what
    was wrong for me.

  18. math i been using this program for a while i sent ma pc to fix my burner
    and now its say my mic is not connected but it is i hear it thru my
    moniters and the mixer is recieving it can you help

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