Club Music Production Big Room & Vocals Tutorial-Video Teaser

Mit Club Music Production Big Room & Vocals bietet audio-workshop erneut eine bisher einzigartige Videoschulung. In 8 Stunden wird die gesamte Produktion ein…
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  1. wow… You just explained something most tutorial-guys on YT would use 10
    hours on, split in 20 videos.. in 6 minutes! THIS is EXACTLY what I need,
    showing how the techniques is done and explaining why it is important and
    what it gives the track, and not hours of blabbering in addition. I hope
    you make more videos exactly in this tutorial-style. Added without doubt to
    aidermusic. com

  2. Ashleigh Tritton

    This hasn’t had enough hits!, very professional. I am wanting to make
    music, just got myself a copy of ableton, but learning from scratch with
    the help on here. I really like this track and what you have done. I get my
    inspiration from above and beyond, i wanna make tracks similar to Sean
    tyas, inertia, John O’Callaghan and especially like the emotions of Will
    Holland feat. Line Froyset – Things That Happen. any tips muchly
    appreciated! thanks for your inspiration!

  3. It’s a combination of both for me, I start with making loops from
    individual samples, then when you need that boost of creativity I put a
    loop on but also personalise that loop by distorting, filtering and
    chopping up the loop in different places and mixing the order up. Great
    tool, you always get something from it.

  4. @Remeq30 I use vengeance fx samples and and most of my synths will come out
    of sylenth1 but I am using massive more as I like it’s flexibility for
    sound manipulation better.

  5. its amazing what sounds like the sound at 3:25, witch on their own doesn’t
    really sound that great, can do to your track. Sometimes pretty strange,
    boring, ugly sounding sounds can be a great part of your track and make it
    sound beautiful overall. by my experiences

  6. what happen in the arragement ? ….. he does all th clips there or you
    make th song in the arragament ? are the mastring in this song if he
    do it all wth videioclips and he didn’t in the arragament ?

  7. Henric Helbro

    You can use ALT on a mac to get the curved (as opposed to straight)
    automation lines; I guess you figured that out by now though… 🙂

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