– We were very excited to welcome to the Point Blank studios DJ, producer and founder of dir…

  1. News flash……. There is no difference in sound quality between Ableton
    and logic

    -Ableton Certified Trainer Staff

  2. he’s explaining how he gets his sound by sampling and using synths
    together, its more just useful tips rather than an in depth tutorial you
    fucking idiots,, sonny kromah , monsterjazzlicks

  3. monsterjazzlicks

    i got as far as 3 x mins. What TERRIBLE music. Totally destroyed a
    beautiful piece of music by Chopin. Offers no explaination of why Eminor is
    a good key for House music. i would be so angry if i wa a Point Blank
    student !! Total load of garbage,

  4. Regards questions for The Great Man: I really struggle with My tops, hats,
    etc. They just NEVER sound as grooving as Pro releases. Any tips on
    layering and programming? Thanks. LOVIN IT!

  5. He knows what he’s doing and even if you don’t like his music, the
    production quality and techniques are professional. Thats why I’m watching
    this, to learn from an experienced producer, not to judge his creativity.

  6. argh its driving me crazy how slow he zooms in, he can just drag the top
    part down and it auto zooms. oh god. awesome tutorial though and awesome
    song thanks for sharing :D

  7. I’m just an amateur and all, but you could just make a couple busses for
    your reverb and delay and whatnot to save a shitload of CPU. I see he’s got
    a couple busses setup, but using a bunch of different reverbs with
    different settings makes all the sounds sit in different rooms, which is
    not super ideal for gluing things together. Obviously he’s a much better
    producer than I, but that’s just something I noticed. Anyhow, thanks for
    the video, it was definitely very informative!

  8. Interesting how he doesn’t show his master bus as it’s a ‘secret’ when the
    likes of Deniz Koyu etc say the master bus isn’t important it’s all about
    the mixdown. 

  9. ‘no we don’t do edm here’ ha ha … man i wanna see marcus commentate a
    soccer match or something would be to sick

  10. “If you don’t know what Sylenth is and you’re trying to be a producer –
    then you should just give up”. Thats not exactly how you would motivate
    aspiring producers Mr. Schossow, just saying. How about practicing? 

  11. Jonatan Brager Sidén

    So what you’re a stutter? you’re amazing man (and great walkthrough aswell,
    never seen such a detailed walkthrough my whole life). Support from all
    around the world. We love you for the person you are Marcus. Keep up! <3

  12. +daneomatic89 Just goes to show how much you know about music production if
    you think the master chain is what makes the sound. Careful layering and
    precise EQ’ing and many many years of experience is what makes his tracks
    sound full and punchy, not 2 or 3 plugins on the master bus.

  13. Carlos Armando Sierra

    Love the way you think about music! Should be out there more Uncles instead
    of more “Garrix” or “Vegas” (I can give a hundred but, thats not the
    point)… jajaja Cheers!

  14. +Stian Bakken Always impressive when some random guy takes the time to
    “teach” others. There is a reason he is not showing the master chain.. and
    yes he has more than 3 plugins on the master. Jesus why do you even bother
    commenting. Good stuff Marcus.

  15. Eftihis Thergiakis

    Thumbs Up for this epic producer! (y) thanks for the video but we now have
    more questions than before hahaha anyway :P

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