1. this is EXCELENT.
    thank you so much. I am hardly a musician and I got it.
    I am just a passionate lifelong music fan who really wants to make his
    musical dreams come true ( I just write music on my computer) , and you’ve
    helped me a lot.
    Thanks Again. Cheers

  2. I wish someone would’ve explained this as well and with as good of examples
    when I first got exposed to music theory.

  3. Your youtube channel is such a superb resource of information Julian! I’m
    purely a guitarist, but the way you explain all these concepts are worth
    gold to any musician, regardless of instrument. Thanks a lot, I’ll probably
    go through all your videos when I’ve got the time!

  4. New to Jazz so here goes….In the perfect cycle are we in effect changing
    key each time as opposed to diatonic cycle – which leads me to something
    else; is this something jazz tunes use to shift key? So by cycling through
    chord changes diatonically, at any point you choose you could use the
    diatonic chord as your new key….I’m thinking “All the things you are”

  5. Thank you soooooo much for this wonderful (mathematical) explanation of the
    circle of fifths. By far the best I’ve seen. I’ve put this in my
    favorites and will dissect it many times until I fully understand it… God

  6. Hi Julian, I have a question, is the minor scale a C natural minor? If yes,
    For the diatonic Cycle,……after D dim. Is it not Gmin7 instead of G dom7
    ? Or is it just simply ii dim-V7( Dom 7 by default )-i ?

  7. In the years of piano lessons I took, I saw the chart with the circle of
    fifths for learning key signatures but nobody ever explained this. What a
    rich sound! Thanks. I’ll have to come back and study this some more.

  8. I really love Take Five in your voice. The original is still the best but
    it’s nice to hear someone else put their character in it.

  9. Kenneth Moody Jr

    Hey man this is awesome!!!! It has helped me understand much better of how
    to work the circle of fifths. Thank you so much for taking the time out!!!
    This alone takes weeks in music school and I learned in 30 mins. Thanx

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