In this tutorial we build upon Tutorial 6 by adding the ability to write the WaveIn data to a wave file. This tutorial is nice and short because we start wit…
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6. Canon 7D Recording Audio Issues - Video Mode Interactive tutorial

Recording Audio with the Canon 7D. Part of the canon 7D / 5D interactive tutorial series. Keep an eye on this wiki for 7D release info for Magic Lantern firm…
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  1. Hello, helpful video, could you tell me how can I hear both what I already
    recorded and the audio from the interface, if I disable the monitor bottom
    I hear the recording but if I enable it I hear my instrument but not what’s

  2. It’s like they purposefully wrote an awful song and hired the most tuneless
    singers, just so they wouldn’t risk you stealing anything creatively

  3. JamesRossMusicdotcom

    Come on all you guys who are criticizing the song…. I think it’s actually
    pretty damn good, nice hook and nice pre-chorus. Now this may not be your
    style, but the song stands on its own, for its style, production,
    arrangement lyrics, vocal etc. Come on you guys who are dissing it…let’s
    see if you can write a better one than GONNA GET YOU.

  4. williamgatesenson

    i think what people are complaining about is that the song is so bad it
    pulls your attention from the tutorial. that is my biggest complaint as
    well. i find myself having to mute the sound at times during the demo
    because it is that annoying

  5. I had cubase switch to Studio one the same guys who wrote Cubase. They now
    working for prosonus. Cubase nice program though. Easy to get lost with all
    these windows over windows over windows over windows, I just could not take
    it anymore. Now everything is mobile on labtop and stuff clutter is a
    bigger issue.

  6. Илья Пагур

    After some minutes of listening you are tired ??? How can you be a good
    mixing engineer. Somtimes people listen only ONE drum for 20 minutes :)))
    Easy, people !!! This are REALLY good tuts also for beginners, and I
    remember when I was the beginner, so its very cool explaned for ALL types
    of musician !

  7. There are a lot of ugly (unique) models,especially in the proffessional
    fashion industry. But to each and there own.

  8. williamgatesenson

    and how many ugly professional models do you see making a living from
    modeling? thank you for proving my point.

  9. The tutorials are OK. Not excellent but they cover some important stuff.
    But the quality of the song in the intro (that strangely comes in and out
    randomly through the tutorials and has hiccups) is REALLY annoying, also
    ‘gonna get you’ sorry but its a piece of crap, you need to get better
    examples for a tutorial, it can tell how professional you are. Also a
    better structure and more coverage of fundamental things in the tutorials.
    For example the VST and Midi part of the tutos is abysmal.

  10. William Berg-Hillinger

    Consider that this is a tutorial to show the basics of Cubase. Why would
    you think the song has to be “awesome”? How does that even relate in the
    least bit?

  11. Ridiculous! Its like complaining that the model in a fashion show is ugly,
    when the main attraction is the new clothes collection.

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