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  1. Words of a lazy person , Rules or Tools I’ve lost count of the lazy writers
    I have met who make this statement. Format alone is a rule or a tool
    Variation of rhyme schemes, is a tool that great writers use. Repetition is
    a Rule or a tool. Use of action Verbs is a Tool that sets great songs
    apart, from millions of also rans. Stability and Instability , it’s a tool
    and a rule use it Learn The Rules and then you can break them But you must
    know them first

  2. I think what he was saying is thats where you should start but this type of
    method he describes sounds like it’s a way to bring your lyrics to the next
    level. The part where he talked about lyrical movement was very informative
    in my opinion.

  3. Just put Pat’s ‘tools’ to use and it worked! I’ve had a song that I haven’t
    been able to finish for months but within 10 mins of watching this vid I’ve
    finished it! Its daring to play about with rhyme schemes and can make songs
    sound odd at first but actually they take on another dimension that I’ve
    never really explored before but will be from now on. THANKS, PAT!!!!!!

  4. then you mainly write songs for yourself, wich is fine, if that’s what you
    want. i’d like to think about ‘who am I talking to?’ when i write a song
    and when i perform I like to give people a great feeling, an emotion, a
    good time, I feel released when I can touch an audience. When i play it on
    my own it’s merely practice, no more.

  5. that was a wonderful presentation, especially the part about composing the
    melody around the flow of the words and not being afraid of writing crap, I
    guess that is my biggest problem with writing lyrics.

  6. James Awonohopay

    The crap/fertilizer “greater chance of growing something spectacular” bit
    blew my mind. Astounding mind, very helpful.

  7. You are doing what a lot of us do, but The sub conscious can only expand on
    what it has learned from you via books or others or study. Knowing the
    rules is the way to go and then you can break them. Listening to Pattison
    is a must for serious writers.

  8. Pat Pattison, you are bloody amazing and brilliant. I don’t understand
    everything yet, but at least you’ve opened up my imagery and imagination
    again which I thought was deaed as I had too many mind blocks. Thankyou so
    very much! I thought what I wrote was crap, but now I am going to enjoy
    writing it because I know, somewhere deep inside myself, it is brilliant!
    God bless you xxxxxxX

  9. Best and most essential songwriter lesson I’ve experienced… Why didn’t I
    choose this instead of a very expensive course in the UK??? GRRR

  10. I don’t like to put too much thought into my writing process… i like to
    write subconciously. i get a pen, some paper, and i just write… i don’t
    stop for spelling, punctuation, grammar, or anything. i only stop once my
    fingers are cramped up so bad that i can’t write another mark. i then take
    pieces from it, and there’s a song. i feel that this gets my soul out. i
    don’t even care what the words are, but i can tell you this, that everytime
    i play the song, i feel an indescribable release…

  11. Ahh yes, but maybe these lessons are to get these things into your
    sub-concious so that you can use them in your soulful writing to make it

  12. Camila Matamoros

    Thank u for the tips they really help a lot πŸ™‚ you are mi inspiration for
    writte my own songs <3ο»Ώ

  13. your original songs are some of the best here on youtube, some famous
    artists should learn from you πŸ™‚ btw i like these kind of vlog videos πŸ™‚

  14. You did a great job explain a lot of things. And your suggestions were
    straight on! I don’t thinkο»Ώ I’d have the patients to make a video like
    this. I’m sure you’ve helped a lot of people! πŸ™‚

  15. I was writing right before watching this, I took your advices, and I
    finished one of mu bests songs (brazilian, love your voice by the way)

  16. No, sorry, like I said, I can’t write the song for you. I don’t have a
    method, so it wouldn’t make sense to zero in on one part, and there’s no
    way I could show myself writing that would be helpful. Sorry again, but the
    best way to learn about songwriting is to just start writing, and allow
    yourself time to develop as a songwriter.

  17. I agree that not forcing you into a style it’s VERY important. A lot of
    people that start with music try to follow very specific guidelines of what
    they want to be… but you need to discover yourself first. Once you have a
    clear mind and some experience you can automatize some things.

  18. HollyBeeverMusic

    These tips were great. I agree with every single one of them and I actually
    unknowingly and naturally do them all. Also, I find that it’s really
    noticeable and easy to tell when someone has written a song that’s not
    them, and I can tell it with my own songs too. I just stick to writing what
    comes naturally and they’re always the songs that I love the most.

  19. How do you edit your videos? I sing too.. I dont knowhow start posting
    videos at youtube. I have my own songs too! Youre amazing πŸ™‚

  20. I’m not sure anymore actually, i wrote it four months ago, so it’s a bit of
    a blur haha. I know that flower crowns influenced the word flowers being in
    the song, but the actual meaning itself…I guess it’s a combination of
    things just due to relationships and me changing, stuff like that. Sorry, I
    could explain it better, but I don’t want to explain my private life on
    here haha

  21. My next song: i had a shitty day man it was really shitty i want a nap but
    i’m hungry I now have a pizza allright let’s do this…

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