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MasterWriter Software Demo

See a demo of the songwriting software used by some of the world’s top songwriters.

  1. When I get stuck trying to get inspired to write a song this is totally
    what I do! I just play a bunch of covers and then after a while I come up
    with chord progressions and then think.. “wait a minute” this sounds a bit
    like some of the covers I’m practicing!” I think it’s true that you
    unconsciously pick up stuff. A lot of songs are actually the same chord
    progressions but what really makes a song stand out is the vocal melody and
    the lyrics… For me if I get that stuck in my head it actually makes
    writing a song easier… Anyway I really liked your video! 🙂 

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  3. I don’t always do things this way, but I have gotten some of my favorite
    song ideas from misheard lyrics. 

  4. I told a group of friends that song sounds like Ghostbusters! They said I
    was crazy! That may be true, but it is the same song and thanks for proving
    it lol. Nice lesson

  5. HEY! That first Beatles song u did! I think R5’s One Last Dance was
    inspired by it! It sound totally the same!

  6. Interesting approach. People have been taking tunes from other people and
    making new songs out of them forever. Think about all the church hyms,
    patriotic American tunes (e.g. My Country ‘Tis of the) and blues tunes that
    were based on variations of someone else’s melodies. 

  7. Haha, Marty was totally talking about the tutorial Zosia did on writing a
    song on the channel rockongoodpeople at the start.

  8. Awesome. That has actually helped a lot. I’ve been trying so hard to be too
    original and it was causing me a kind of writers block. Thanks, Marty!

  9. Well, I don’t think this was helpful…..all songs now a days need chords
    like like A-G including sharps, flats, diminished chords, etc., but they
    are the chords we have, of course some songs sound the same, if they all
    sounded differently and we couldn’t use the same chord progression then
    there would be no songs in the world at this point to be honest because
    they wouldn’t be allowed to use any chords at this stage in time. Just

  10. Yeah, I noticed the Blackbird/Scar Tissue thing just a couple weeks ago,
    and I thought it was sooooo cool! Due to the song frequently referring to
    birds, I didn’t see it as Frusciante ripping off McCartney, I saw it as a
    subtle homage to the greatest band of all time. That was very cool of

  11. Some great tips here on how you can use existing chord progressions to
    create new songs. Here are a couple of tips to come up with your own.. 1)
    Use circle of fifths e.g Yesterday, Autumn Leaves 2) Use a chord sequence
    with a descending bass line e.g. Changes by David Bowie, Don’t let the sun
    go down on me – Elton John

  12. Great tutorials! I have had the dreaded writers block over the past few
    weeks and these tutorials have really helped to awaken my creativity!! Keep
    them coming!

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