Dr. Nathaniel Ostashewski and Dr. Romana Martin, Online Education Developers at Curtin University in Perth Australia, provide a step-by-step procedure for ca…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Good and relaxed vid. Good source material, and enough time to listen. A
    breath of fresh air between all those crap vids. Kudo’s!

  2. waaaiiit, does that mean all the little sounds under the analog synth are
    created with it? well i have a lot to learn in sound-design, if that’s the

  3. Great tutorial, but I have a problem. My midi notes fade off instead of
    staying at a continuous volume like in the video. Anyone know a solution?

  4. Hey Tom, thanks for taking time to upload these videos! I appreciate it!
    One thing though… where are the rest?

  5. hey i followed everything you did step by step but i cant get my notes to
    drag out they just play as a short note and then stop i cant figure it
    out… any ideas im using 8.2

  6. Gregory Lakics

    Tutorial is good….however too much detail. “How to write Beats” should
    not include a physics lesson on wave form and how speakers work. That
    should be a separate tutorial. Which will shorten your 58 minute tutorial
    and get to the point of creating beats….

  7. Thanks for the great video. I work as a DJ. After countless hours of
    research I finally found the most user friendly program for music
    production ever. You can find a link for this music production software on
    my channel. go check it out.

  8. Every thing can be condensed into a few sentences. Open these devices and
    composing tools select your tempo and insert notes or triggers on the
    chosen beats. Here’s how to copy and paste a repeating sequence. Adjust
    your notes for duration attack release. After a section is rough finished,
    loop it to refine it. TOOOOOO MUCH OFF SUBJECT PRATTLE

  9. dear mr cosm….nobody on you tube seems to do any tuts on making real 808
    “electro” like,e.r.p. or morphology….could you help?

  10. I have never ever, ever commented on a youtube Video before.. and I mean
    never.. And I watch a lot of them.. like everyone out there… but this
    time I just had to. Tom, my friend, that was incredible. I’ve been looking
    up a lot of tutorials to try and learn a bit about how to use Ableton. But
    most of the time, the guys making the video either had no idea what they
    were talking about, or they were just so busy showing off what they know,
    that they actually forgot its a darn tutorial. But this tutorial was
    fantastic. I have no other words for it. You started with the basics, and
    slowly but surely introduced us to the tools some of the biggest producers
    use today. All this without making me feel like an idiot, like I was
    magically supposed to know what you were trying to teach me in the first
    place. This may seem like an over reaction, but I honestly don’t give a
    fuck. Good on you man.. Keep up the good work and we want more!!

  11. I’m just starting to learn ableton, followed your tutorial to the letter
    but I can’t get it to sound the same as your video. I have ableton live 9
    suite. I think mine has a higher pitch. I don’t know what i’m doing

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