This audio recording tutorial explains why phase cancellation makes your recordings sound bad, and how to avoid it. Watch more at…
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  1. I have the canon xh-a1 video can, and I record a 190+ marching band, and
    large concert orchestras in doors . Can the h4n be connected to the camera
    via xlr or should the recording be done separate

  2. @eyepatchentertainmen hi mate im trying to upload videos to you tube from
    the d90 and the audio is way out of sync with the picture like way off ! is
    there an easy way to fix this im not very good with all this stuff !

  3. Eyepatch Entertainment

    thanks for the heads up. Actually the audio is probably fixed in the d300
    because I believe it also has a gain setting.

  4. Thank you for a nice review! Which microphone would you suggest for doing
    on location interviews? I was planning on getting the VoiceElectro RE-50
    ND-B (omnidirectional dynamic microphone) and the Zoom H4n as a hand held
    flash recorder. Would this combo be any good? Love and Peace, Queen of

  5. Eyepatch Entertainment

    if you’re doing a feature. You’ll want one to expect to dedicate several
    hours to syncing the audio. Also, using a slate is highly highly
    recommended. The audio will drift as well, if you are doing long takes (24p
    vs the 23.976) so just sync each take separately. I really recommend Avid
    if you’re editing an entire feature.

  6. Hey, big question. How difficult is it to sync up the sound from the
    digital recorder to the d90 footage? I’m planning on doing a small feature
    soon which will need almost all the audio recorded during filming. Will the
    best thing to do be to sync up each individual shot and then edit them
    together to create the film? Great help by the way.

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’m watching ALL of your videos and they
    are so helpful. You keep coming up with great creative projects and THEN
    turn around and share you rknowledge. Seriously, so appreciated. D90, 50mm
    1.8, 18-105mm, FCP

  8. 1) this video has the links missing to the other videos… 2) do you think
    this audio issue has been changed with d300s’s stereo input?

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