This audio recording tutorial is the final mix of “Simply Falling,” sung by recording artist Iyeoka, produced by Bobby Osinski, and filmed by Lear…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  1. Videos are always good, even if I know what your doing there is always
    something little that I am missing. Good inspiration to keep creating

  2. Very nice video! I’m new to Logic. Can you recommend any kits with vocal
    samples? I want to add some ad-libs and samples to my track.

  3. Another great video, Danny )))) I really like it. Yes, maybe the 2nd part
    is not so interesting but all what you is doing here is a full
    improvisation and this is real cool )))))) Waiting more videos about Logic
    X from you ))))

  4. This is awesome, I am new to this and want to try and create my own music,
    DJing seems to be the same over and over again. Any suggestions?

  5. That beat is shit hot loving the vibe of this track. Hey Danny is that
    chord fx a logic one or is that a 3rd party looks shit hot would like to
    get that myself

  6. Nice video. First found out about you when I heard the track “Take It”
    under your Enzyme Black moniker. You’re talented.

  7. Im sure you have figured this out, but to eliminate the library from
    opening when you add a new track, click the details tab in the window where
    you specify the track type, there will be an option to disable opening the
    library when creating a new track. thanks a bunch for these logic x vids.

  8. Music Production Tutorials

    Good point, that sound is in my blood too.. the S.African sound is
    similar.. from what I can make out the scene evolved from NJ tracks. I’d
    say it’s the percussion that makes it stand out.. the simplicity and the
    lack of a clap/snare on every other beat..

  9. To get that stupid library tab not to come up when you create a new
    instrument. Click the details tab and un-check Open Library

  10. For selecting “New Track with duplicate settings” just select de “+”, the
    right “+” button. I mean, the button (“+”) next where you add another
    track!! 🙂

  11. BIG…. theres nuthin better than seeing a grown man me i
    know…. thanks for this…. to think i am from bethnal green and never
    knew about you guys down the road.. now im miles away….. be lucky…great
    tutorial….great tutor…big up

  12. Today we had another great Hangout at the Academy of Electronic Music.
    Thanks Ski!
    EMC #10: Arrangement and Structure
    +Point Blank Music School +Armada Music +Google +DJ Mag #Adoriany +Vlad
    Milea +Adrian Milea 

  13. I’ve really enjoyed watching this! You guys have all done an amazing job
    and a HUGE pat on the back to point blank for the quality tutorial &
    amazing camera work to tie it all in together, awesome!

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