This video is a theory video. I talk about how various decibel measurement systems work. This video won’t be as fun as some of the hands-on stuff that I teac…

Learn the equipment and skills you need to be a great sound technician/boom operator on your film set! This is a perfect sound recording tutorial for an HDDS…
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  1. Just an idea for beginners in the Hebrew language that I hope you might
    consider. There’s nothing like a personal touch in making your very own
    Hebrew Audio Tutorial Recording. God bless in Jesus’ Name.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Cassette recordings? (laughing) I wonder
    if the young people know what a cassette is. Blessings!

  3. Hello Pat, Are you an affiliate for ecamm? Just wondering if you had a code
    for a free trail or discount. Thank you 

  4. hi there
    running windows 7 with 8GB ram.
    mackie mixer1202ms……. swiss army knife of all mixers
    yamaha comp limiter gc2020b2…… the gate and comp is good
    Mcgreggor BMC100…….good clear clear amp.
    SE X1 microphone…….nice mike.
    FBX solo sl-610……cracking little feedback destroyer
    mike to ch 1 XLR
    yamaha to insert ch 1.
    all sounds and super.
    mike to ch 1 XLR
    FBX solo feddback destroyer to insert ch 1.
    all sounds and super.
    BUT put the FBX and the yamaha “looped” into the mix and all goes to shit.
    it seems one or the outher
    but my setup means speaker placement is totally restricted.
    any suggestions please.

    i am slowly going mad…. 

  5. I have the Blue Yeti Pro (brand new never opened), is that a good mic? I am
    just having a hard time finding the shock mount in my local stores. I
    should have researched that before purchasing it.

  6. thanks for the helpful tutorial man. Taking notes like crazy! Thinking of
    launching my video interview show first then submitting to iTunes after I
    have cleaned up my act a bit and got some practice under my belt. Good
    strategy or just go straight to iTunes?

  7. Terrific extra tip in the end about skype recorder. I’ve never tried it but
    wanted to. How does that compare to google hangouts? I have heard that
    google hangouts does amazing in the search results so using that whenever
    possible is best. Love to hear you insight. 

  8. I also use my iPad and an IRig mic from ikmultimedia to record podcasts on
    the go. It’s worked out really well. They have some terrific apps that
    create a really clear sound. 

  9. Thank you for this detailed tutorial, Pat. Your videos were extremely
    helpful. I have been considering starting a podcast for over a year now
    but lacked the expertise to do so. I will gladly use your affiliate link
    for Bluehost (I need to change my current host anyway). That’s the least I
    can do! There are “gurus” charging an arm and a leg for this information
    but you generously share it with fellow solopreneurs. Keep up the good

  10. Can you use the HEIL pr 40-mic on a live call in experience? Like with BTR?
    I have an xbox and protoools studio load dj to my Mac so do I still need a
    channel mixer? I have one but we use it only for stage performance and I’ve
    never plugged it into the Mac. 

  11. Very good video on the technical side of setting up a podcast show. There
    are many ways to do this & this is a nice simple & affordable way to set up
    your equipment. 

  12. Out of curiosity, Have you ever use the XLR versions of the Shure SM57 & 58
    microphones? Also curious, this vid was late 2012, have you updated
    anything or switched software by chance?

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