Demonstration of using the MediaRecorder class to start and stop audio recording, saving the file to an SD card and using the MediaPlayer to play and stop pl…
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  1. ParanormalGhostman

    I am a beginner at recording and I waned to know, do you have to have an
    audio interface? if you don’t have one what happens?

  2. “This channel is no longer available because the user closed their account.
    ” when entering on JRRshop2 channel

  3. @AndGz7 We’ll see what we can find. Be sure to subscribe to our other
    channel JRRSHOP2 as all future videos will be uploaded to that account.

  4. My question: i have cubase LE4 and i’m a total newbie about mixing.. Is the
    program “enough” or should i get a complete version? My songs are pop/rock
    recorded on a multitrack recorder. I would like to know what is missing in
    my software-tried to google… Cheers from Sweden..!

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