Demonstration of using the MediaRecorder class to start and stop audio recording, saving the file to an SD card and using the MediaPlayer to play and stop pl…
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  1. lightswitchlarry

    So since there is no way to convert between the analog measurements and the
    digital measurements, how can I measure the decibels that are coming out of
    my speakers? Would you need a dB meter of some sort?

  2. This video was out of this world!!! Are you sure you’re not an alien??? lol
    Seriously, though… Very useful stuff! Thanks a lot!!! Cheers.

  3. Yes, exactly. I have one, I totally forgot about that. I should have done a
    demo in the video. Maybe good for one of the later videos.

  4. lightswitchlarry

    THANK YOU! Now I know my DAW uses dBFS I used to try to compare analog vs
    digital, and never understood why my DAW scale was measuring -∞ dB to 0dB.

  5. HoppingMadMedia

    I know that interview audio wasn’t the topic of the video, but could you
    please tell me what lapel mic setup you’re using? I’m doing a gaming talk
    show with a friend, and need to capture our voices without much room sound.
    Thanks in advance for any info you may offer. I appreciate it. 

  6. Martin the Guitarist

    I have the Zoom H2 and the problem with that one is that audio gets out of
    sync after a while. It’s only a few milliseconds but noticeable. To me it
    seems like a problem with the analog-to-digital conversion, somehow it
    doesn’t get the timing completely right. It doesn’t happen with my Native
    Instruments audio interface.

  7. I would like to thank you for your videos. I have a dream to make my own
    movies – I am working on several scripts right now – got a camera and hope
    to get the basic terminology, ideas and basic knowledge. Thank you for
    your time and energy making these videos for those of us who cannot go to
    film school. HUGE THUMBS UP. I didn’t plan on this chapter in my life – I
    am a pro-pilot by trade. So it’s not easy to go back to school for this
    stuff now that I am nearing 40 and am married and have two kids. You seem
    like a nice guy – and you are a really good teacher. Thanks man- I will be
    watching all your videos (this is my second)

  8. itsgrantcasual

    I just bought myself a 60D as well. Having a hard time finding the right
    microphone, plus i already bought one, and it sucks

  9. Man, I just shot the first of a 5 part series on how I do audio for DSLR.
    I’m going to finish editing/posting my videos, and then I’ll come back and
    watch this all the way through to see how much of this we do the same way.
    Looking forward to watching – and using Batman is hilarious and genius!!!

  10. I don’t like that boom mic, I get better audio with my Audio Technica 875r
    plugged into my H4n. Cool video though

  11. Used a Marantz recorder in Uni. Can’t afford that motherfucker, but I’d
    totally go for that one, great sound quality. Zoom seems cool for the

  12. Aldrian Alfonso

    really useful and great tutorial thank you very much. i was wanting a
    suggestion from you. i want a mic to hold and interview people at
    conventions and such. i can use a voice recorder and just layer that audio
    and sync it with the video or… maybe you can suggest a similar equipment
    for me to use. just to hold and ask questions like an interviewer at shows.
    then i’ll layer the video over it. what is a good quality one? i have a
    cheap sony one

  13. Mr. Dicasa,
    You Must continue these types of tutorials. Whether its the Zoom H4n of
    what-ever. You are a natural. Some of these tutorials on here are literally
    a waste of time, I want to die. Keep up the good work? PS. After watching 5
    Zoom H4n tutorials I learned zero. I am now set thanks to you!

  14. The Morning Ballad

    Holy baloney this is the greatest video ever. Thanks a bunch for the clear
    instructions and laid back approach. I wish you the best and am looking
    forward to using your tips to make awesome stuff.

    and seriously, awesome instructing

  15.…….How did you get sich clean audio…I turn to the maximum of
    my speaker….i don’t even heard a single noise..????
    With a deep voice…
    which software did you use…….????

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