Alicia Keys sat down to take part in our songwriter profile video interview series LINER NOTES. In the interview, the pop superstar tells us how she draws in…
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  1. PreSonus Audio Electronics

    Hey Brandon Kreinhop, when you get your new computer and install Studio
    One, you can get your serial number from your account.

  2. I do have a question…I have a new computer I built myself and decided to
    go with the Ubuntu (Linux) OS. I was wondering if the studio one software
    would run on this platform?

  3. I am using this thing, but after I press the 48v button studio, studio one
    does not pick up any signals. I did this a few days ago, and it was
    working, but now it has started to have the issues. Also how did the guy
    get all of the fancy stuff because my version of studio one has none of
    those features. Shouldn’t a tutorial not have thing that are not included
    with the program out of the box. Anyway it would be great to get feedback
    on this because I have no clue why studio one is not working anymore.

  4. That was an awesome lesson on AudioBox. I am buying one and you have just
    confirmed my decision….Thanks and God bless you brother,

  5. THis is a stupid question… but using studio one 2.. when i record a song,
    and i record track 1….it works fine..but when i record track 2 for the
    same overwrites track 1! Or is it still there? If so how do i
    listen to track 1 and 2 of the same song at the same time?

  6. I noticed that I don’t have an audio scrubbing feature on my presonus
    program. Can I installed an external one the same way the audiobox is
    installed? If so, which one would you recommend? Thanks

  7. i notice you using a laptop, i have a toshiba satellite laptop with windows
    8, could i use this package with it, I’ve been itching to get into
    recording for the past couple of years, but never knew where to start
    first, when i found this, it looks like something i can finally start with.
    I just don’t want to buy it and then find out it doesn’t work

  8. Thank you so much for your very detailed insight on using this. I surely
    learnt alot and it really solved my doubts!(; cheers!

  9. my mic makes my voice sound so weird. I record the same thing in my M7 and
    my voice memos app and the voice memos sounds exactly like me but the M7
    makes my voice a lower frequency and really just not me. I dont know what
    to do. Help?

  10. Hi, can i directly connect my electric guitar to audiobox right?
    Does the included software include some kind of effects, distortions etc?
    Can they be applied directly while playing, so that i can hear the
    distorted guitar from my headphones?
    If so what amount of latency will be present?
    Is it compatible with other software?
    Last thing: can i redirect every audio output from the pc to audiobox
    headphones out (system sounds, music etc)?
    thank you :)

  11. Great video!. How good is the M7 mic though? I’m an aspiring artist and i’m
    not sure if i should get this studio box or not

  12. Will the M7 mic be compatible with a small field recorder with phantom
    power support, or does it need to be plugged directly into an interface?

  13. PreSonus Audio Electronics

    +Baylen Whitfield I tried to send you the links but got this message: “User
    Baylen Whitfield has enabled contact lock. You will not be able to send
    messages to them unless they add you as a contact.”

  14. (uses studio one free)So a question about this future purchase, what
    happens if i buy studio one professional with melodyne essential built in
    and then decide to buy melodyne editor?does “edit with melodyne” replace
    essential with editor?if not ill stick to just getting the professional

  15. My CPU usage usually peaks when I’m really getting into recording a
    song..I’ve tried a number of things and and some online research as
    well..The best solution that worked was me using only a few tracks on a
    song..I clear the cache. I change the bit rate.. Do I just need some extra
    CPU’s…As you can tell I don’t know much about all this digital age
    stuff..But I am trying to create music with my Mac and studio one artist
    with the usb audiobox. ..I feel that I have some awesome ideas but
    recording them is a Pain !!! Are there particular settings I would have to
    adjust for efficient CPU usage..Or do I just have the wrong gear..Or I
    could be clueless..I guess that’s why Im posting this…Plz help

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