Alicia Keys sat down to take part in our songwriter profile video interview series LINER NOTES. In the interview, the pop superstar tells us how she draws in…
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  1. Francis Xavier-Rabanes

    To get awesome tunes..! smoke some pot, listen to Debussy (Or your
    favorite composer) and then sip some Absinthe.Thats how I do It , Then in
    the morning Adjust and continue!,,, this should last about a couple days or

  2. vespers, thanks for the advice. i was wondering, when doing sound design
    don’t you have to do the mix down at some points? I’ve been studying hard
    on dubstep design with growl basses and a lot of that, and you kind of need
    all that extra jazz for it to fit in the track. There’s a song I’m working
    on but all of the basses I try to use don’t seem to fit. I also know this
    is all theory, but I’m just trying to learn and advance my skills. I have a
    huge amount of ideas but when you can’t get the sounds you’re looking for
    it creates huge mental blocks for me

  3. RE20 is a sick, high-quality mic? HAHAHAHA it’s crap. It’s a dynamic that
    sounds like a blanket is over it.

  4. This is so true… I’ve actually noticed that I do this all the time and
    that it’s a problem, but it’s so hard to stop. I just start tweaking
    something a little and before I know it I’ve been EQing drums for hours and
    the creative energy along with all the awesome ideas I had are completely

    I guess I’ll have to make a conscious effort to just leave things be while
    I’m writing and fix things later once the writing and arrangement are done.

  5. ok nice, is there a way so that you can confirm you own track that is
    mastered actually they have your permission to release the track, because
    you created the track, so you can choose whether if its good and you proud
    enough to release it so you make sure the focus of the track is still alive
    like how you wanted it, in the first place.

  6. papayamonster33

    so you say you’re a certified Ableton music teacher….how can I contact you
    guys? I really want to learn how to create EDM music and use DJ/producer
    softwares. Where should I go to find advice

  7. I totally agree. The other problem is chasing after technology. Stick with
    your gear as long as you can. Finish your song even if it doesn’t sound as
    good as someone elses. you will get better the more you produce. Once the
    song is mixed and mastered, write another and another until you have an
    albums worth of songs. Write and produce them because you enjoy it not
    because you are trying to please everyone else. Master your instrument.
    People who buy all the lattest stuff think it’s going to make their songs
    better, it won’t. All it will do is waste money. Just stick with your
    instrument until it breaks. Be content and enjoy what you have.

  8. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Its almost stating the obvious and yet i feel that everyone gets stuck on
    exactly what you’re saying, sometimes the most basic things need to be
    pointed out and you did that seamlessly! Kudos.

  9. Funny before I watched this this morning I’ve been having thoughts on how
    the best ableton techs can jot their creativity down fast enough to
    remember it all while still having good sounding instruments that capture
    their ideas… Then i realized i gotta create instruments, a database of
    them. Then I also realized it would help to make templates, with my
    favorite returns and FX already in place and calibrated to spec. you
    confirmed my thinking, thanks. 

  10. Colaudio Mastering

    This is excellent advice. An unmentioned advantage to your tip on leaving
    engineering/processing the mix until after part
    creation/arrangement/recording is that the processing load on the CPU hence
    latency can be kept to a minimum during that stage. This allows for live
    input monitoring and responsiveness from plug in synths and drum machines
    which overall makes the recording/creation phase flow easier. Come mixdown
    you can raise the audio buffer and load on the audio processors to take the
    complete arrangement to sonic perfection. 

  11. Thank you so much vespers. you are one of a kind! only you know what most
    of beginners go through and address than so eloquently! 

  12. With all due respect, i guess everyone else knows those 5 basic “steps” or
    you can call it “secrets”

  13. Mark Bofenkamp

    WTF! What the fuck is up with that black gap! You skipped over the most
    important part! Thanks asshole.

  14. TheRealApollo13

    These songs are WACK as fuck and this video didnt help at all . Im just
    glad i skipped to this video instead of watching the first 6 …

  15. It creeps me out the way he turns from the camera to the Computer screen. ”
    Dragg the chosen instrument into the Midi channel, and now. Watch me eat a
    bag of potatos”

  16. Hey buddy u wouldn’t know how 2 automate a synth. So for the verse its at a
    normal sound. But for the build up it gets louder? Thanks

  17. This videos are very helpful. Some are incomplete therefore you must go on
    the website to watch the full video to get the most out of it. THanks Sonic
    Academy !

  18. @eklyy sorry forgot to mention that it glows blue on my screen because of
    the color of my layout is not default… it may glow red for you, but the
    position is the same, its left of the ‘OVR’ button… just turn that off
    and you shouldn’t have a problem

  19. @CVicccen yep! I’m an idiot. wrote it 9 months ago, then read it just now
    and was like WTF! lol Just hit the glowing button on the RIGHT of the OVR
    button to get back to anything you’re arranging. especially to get back to
    automation thats already been recorded

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