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  1. wtf do u mean its a motherfucking glitch ? its suppose to be brand fucking
    new if everyone has it thaan why the fuck do they still sell this shit in
    stores like real shit they should give everyone their fucking money back
    those fucking crooks

  2. Just bought m-audio interface w/ Pro Tools SE. Nothing but error messages,
    9060 over and over plus a few other ones. When I record guitar, the audio
    crackles even though I have my outputs turned down. Nothing but a headache
    since I installed it. Going to switch to Cubase. Hope that’s not a complete
    piece of shit too.

  3. OK…im trying to record with an instrumental using a recording microphone.
    Everytime I am done recoding and I want to go back and listen to what I
    just recorded the “DAE error 9060 encountered” pops up when I hit play. If
    you could help me out I would appreciate it. The saving didnt make a
    difference at all. If you could email me at

  4. JayceeCameroNTheRapper

    EXACTLY!!!!!! OMG! its such a big deal, why sell the shit if it dosnt work
    properly !!? like ARE YOU SERIOUS. I have the same issue, and dont sell me
    shit if there is a problem with it. I am artist, and since this cant be
    resolved.. Im pissed AS FUUUUCK! I had this shit for 2 yrs, And I thought I
    was gonna be at the top in no time with it, and the day I got it and
    started to use it, static, DAE error, audio not caught, and then no

  5. hey bro i have pro tools se and it saying the something then it mention
    something about a buffer, and something about elastic auto, that i dont no
    about but, with then buffer im trying to find the sittings for that but i
    cant find it i try it ur way first.

  6. this software sucks…its very frustrating and it is a “big deal” when
    people spend their hard earned money for software that doesnt work properly

  7. Get a SSD HD will help & make sure you have Spot light turned off Blue
    tooth , disconnect from internet turn off Airport, Screen saver…& BTW
    Instrument tracks are for VI’s not audio trx; vocal’s – Gtr ,
    Synths…anything that are plugged in w/cable won’t work on an Instrument

  8. dae 9073 is stopping all play bk and bounceing!!!! uuuggghhhhh!!!! stopping
    everything all progress! do i need a extra hard drive????? HELP……

  9. daviosthegreatest

    hey i saved and saved and the error kept popping up, and when i loaded a
    save it wasnt even what i recorded, why wont they just come up with a patch
    for it i paid a bundle for this sh!t and havent even been able to record
    one song.

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