Part 1 of a basic Ableton Live Tutorial for getting started and recording audio with this awesome program. Part 1 is the introduction to the program and init…
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  1. Hello mate, if you wish to buy the course you can buy it by using the page
    link in the video description above 🙂 – thanks for the continued support 🙂

  2. Hi mate, You can copy the tutorial very easily onto Cubase (which is what i
    use) anything used that is specific to Ableton can be substituted easily in
    Cubase 🙂

  3. Mark, The course says Step by step but does it go into detail by saying put
    this here, this stem here and put that there like this etc etc. I struggle
    with Arrangement so would really like to see how the track is arranged
    literally from Start to finish with Automation too.

  4. sorry took me so long to get back to you. There is very in-depth
    information in this tutorial, especially about arrangement with about 45
    minutes explaining and showing how Psilocybian does from start to finish.

  5. Amazing work Psilo, I’ll be purcahsing this via the Magnus site any day
    now. Love your style, keep up the great work, you’re an inspiration!

  6. Bravo Prijatelju samo napred !! Soundmagus je mali klinac u sporedbu sa
    tobom. Pozdrav od skype prijatelja jasenmacedonia !! RESPECT and KEEP UP
    THE GOOD WORK !!!!

  7. GeminiAmbience

    This tutorial song is really nice. Once I can afford this course I’ll be
    back. All the elements of dark psy and early, deep goa that work me over.

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