Create a Drum Beat in Ableton Live 9 usin…

  1. If you have a Mac, like I do, it is. None of them is better(what DAW you
    use doesn’t really matter, they mainly have different interfaces), it just
    depends on what OS you want to make music on. Also, maybe a little bit
    unrelated, but last time I checked Logic is cheaper.

  2. Yea, what DAW you use doesn’t really matter, they all have pretty much the
    same functions with different interfaces.

  3. Haha i had this video full screen and about halfway through looked at the
    time on top right and was like FUCK IS THAT THE TIME? then realised its
    your time, lol retard!

  4. Pro logic is an apple product so dont quote me on this but id say no its
    not on windows, i havent seen it for Windows

  5. Thank you, this is basically what I’ve been trying to tell people for the
    last 9 months. It doesn’t really matter what DAW you use. I prefer Logic,
    but since Logic isn’t for PC people with PC will use FL Studio. Or Ableton.
    Or whatever you feel like. But for people with Mac, like me, Logic is
    better. It’s a matter of preference.

  6. i have a mac now… but i used to have windows 7… and xp, i had a program
    on my widows 7 called, ‘MAGIX Music Maker’. heres the link for the website
    you can get the free trial to test it out!

  7. Well, programs that are simply ported with crossover and such things do not
    run as good as programs that are designed for that system. Also, adding to
    my previous comment, the DAW you use doesn’t really matter, they all have
    pretty much the same functions. Much better having a DAW that is designed
    for your system and thus runs better.

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