Need help? Http:// Want to be get more done in your home business? These 9 productivity tips are designed to help you get the most o…
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  1. Good advice Brian. Welcome back, glad to have you back and know that we
    think of you and your family and know things will right themselves and be
    even better. 

  2. awesome tips! that dreaded email and Facebook is a huge time sucker, even
    for me and I shoudl know better!

  3. I try and ask myself what I want the outcome to be for each activity. If
    it’s relaxation, I want to feel every ounce of that recharge. If it’s the
    time sucking vortex that takes me further away from where I want to go, I
    want to able to say that out loud so the reality smacks me upside the head
    and I can choose something else.

    Typical Brian McDaniel quality. :)

  4. Great tips Brian. I must admit, I check email quite a few times. Must
    attend to that. Timer is also a great idea.

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