6 Visual Studio Tips to Increase Your Productivity

This video is a sneak preview of my Udemy course where I teach you lots of other useful tips to write code fast in Visual Studio. If you’re interested, you c…

  1. Well, the following tips, work for me 1 – Planning my day (My calendar is
    my best friend) 5 – Breaking down tasks, I found it to be more productive,
    I use the Pomodoro Time Management, I perform a task from 25 minutes to one
    hour, and take a short break, 5 to 10 minutes. And recently found their app
    for Android, among others that will eventually try soon.

  2. Great tips regarding time management, If I may suggest, these days the
    Smartphone is the main *Tool* we use on our day to day, and there are some
    good Time Management Apps, I’m trying some the next coming week.

  3. I would especially agree with making a plan for each day. It makes life
    simpler and I find time is better utilised.

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