6 Visual Studio Tips to Increase Your Productivity

This video is a sneak preview of my Udemy course where I teach you lots of other useful tips to write code fast in Visual Studio. If you’re interested, you c…

  1. A summary of the video:
    1) Eliminate Interruptions: Dedicate time for a single task and prevent any
    2) Get Organized: Organize your desk, computer file system, organize work
    3) Plan Your Day In Advance: Make a list of things you’ll do with their
    4) Turn off the internet: A source of distraction, turn off mail, facebook
    5) Stop Multi-tasking on Important Tasks: Multi-tasking decreases

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    This video highlights 5 really great tips for doubling your productivity in
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  3. Planning is important. Sticking to the plan is more important. I personally
    use a time tracking app called Freckle to keep me focused and productive.

  4. Great tips but way too much hand talking. Very distracting. Looks like you
    are gangster! Not a good look.

  5. Marconey Arguedas

    Thanks for tip #5. I’ve always believed that multitasking is not
    productive. ~ Gracias por el tip #5. Siempre he creído que multitasking no
    es productivo.

  6. Christian Adventure Films

    Cool video bro and good advice! How much time do you block off for editing
    and working on your YouTube videos? Some examples of your blocks of time
    would be cool. Scott.

  7. oh nooo…youtube is my addiction!!!!! my mind will not rest until all my
    subscription is watched..i spent nearly 4-6 hours on a daily basis…but
    not everyday i mean..like 4 times a week

  8. Curtis Gabhart

    +Brian Tracy always has great advice. Here is a short +YouTube video on
    #timemanagementtips .

  9. Seems like he just makes up studies to support his arguments. I can never
    find them anywhere…and at least one has been proven an urban legend (the
    written goals study at “Yale or Harvard”)

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    6 Must Know Tips to increase your #productivity.
    6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

  11. Thank u so much for sharing, this will probably help a LOT of people! Glad
    i searched this n found it on YouTube 

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    In under 7 minutes explains Brian Tracy 6 Time Management Tips in the
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  13. Thank you for the tips. Need them as a virtual assistant. I agree on
    creating a list beforehand. I stick to the list by creating a time box or
    tracking my time using Freckle. 

  14. Most of us complain that we do not have enough time, only wish extra hours
    to accomplish the task in hand. Unfortunately, god is great, only he has
    granted 24-hour day regardless of sex, wealth or race. Watch this video by
    Brian Tracy. Share and Like it.

  15. Iată câteva idei care îți pot îmbunătăți productivitatea. Pe care poți să
    le aplici și în ce mod?

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    [VIDEO] 6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity #TimeManagement
    #BrianTracy :

    6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

  17. And believe me there are a lot of them out there! And how ironic because we
    all want to use our time wisely 🙂

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