Here are the top 3 writing productivity tips that have helped me get to draft 5 of my novel. Hope this helps! BLOG: TWITTER: https://…
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  1. holy crap, serious confidence builder, tyvm for posting this video. I’ve
    had writers block for a very long time because of the “idiot brigade”. I
    know i need to trust myself and now i’ll fly with that message and finally
    start really writing again.

  2. Great teacher! Yes I know it’s edited but if I had a music teacher that
    animated, I would have actually learned something.

  3. you gotta have more breaks, silence is golden you know, or at least so I’m
    told when used in the right context

  4. Actual pop music? Melody: Just hit C over and over again for the verses, in
    the chorus, you can be adventurous and add a D or an A! Chords: Play a
    simple, cliché, overused 2 bar chord progression over and over again. Pay
    your way to fame.

  5. He had a very very good point. If only person likes my music, then my job
    is done. The most important one person is me! Enjoy what you do, someone
    else will too. Thats a fact. Be yourself, it is originality. Trying to copy
    people, well isn’t that whats wrong with this world in the first place???

  6. This is great info. Thanks for sharing. I have a ton of videos about music
    licensing and how to get music in tv and films. Check out my channel if
    you’re interested.

  7. Rachel Macwhirter

    Thanks for this! This was a good video. Especially the part about the Idiot
    Brigade. I’ve already written quite a few songs for myself (but
    unfortunately, I’ve only had the resources to record and upload a few thus
    far), but I still found this helpful. It’s a good reminder that I need to
    stop listening to other peoples’ suggestions so much and instead just do
    whatever I want to do. TL;DR: You = win. Thank you 🙂

  8. alvaritooooooooo

    Best video about writing music that i’ve seen on YT (until now). Simple and
    effective. Thanks a lot!

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