1. kosaksipasapukazh

    I’ve been watching all your tutorial videos from chandoo.org, I think you
    are very clear on what you are saying and talking to the point, just ignore
    the language critics comment’s in this video, I know you didn’t care, but I
    am just saying. Also one more thing, your voice reminds me of Dhoni’s
    voice, I don’t know if I am the only one who has that feeling, may be your
    friends should have pointed it out! Cheers and Thanks for all the

  2. “Let’s just close that.” You’re already on chandoo.org – you don’t need
    help.” I’m still smiling. (: I only discovered your videos and website this
    week. I have learned so much. Thank you for all of the time, effort and
    work that you have put into helping me “become awesome in Excel”.

  3. All you complainers/ whiners should just shut the f…k up and show
    appreciation for this person who took the time to try to teach you monkeys
    Excel tricks via a video ….what about his bad english ? You think you’re
    smarter just cos you think your english is better ?!!! Then why the hell
    are u on this page if it wasnt to LEARN the Excel this guy’s teaching ?!!!
    Bloody stupid whiners !!!

  4. It is not joom , it is Zoom! please do not feel bad, but lacking proper
    engihs will surely downgrade ur importance in an organisation…

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